On Horrible Bosses!

Most, if not all of us, have that horrible boss who seizes every opportunity to bully us, belittle our work, or freeze our career development. It’s frustrating, trust me, I know because I’ve been managed by one. But, to be honest, being managed by a horrible boss is also a great chance for us to learn and grow. 

But how on earth are we going to learn from a horrible boss?! Well, horrible bosses are a physical manifestation of what we shouldn’t become if we are to be successful leaders. They make us live the miseries of micro-managing and the pains of being centralized so that we don’t make others live it.

They make us appreciate the value of trust by them, doubting everyone around them. They make us realize that team alignment cannot be attained through harboring negative feelings and ignoring elephants in the room but instead through embracing difficult conversations and welcoming polarized team discussions.

Great bosses teach us what to do, but horrible bosses teach us a more valuable lesson – what not to do. We can view our horrible bosses as enemies, dwell on that negative thought until it manifests itself in meeting clashes, harsh emails, and low appraisals. Or we can choose to see them as our teachers until we get our career breakthrough and lead with those lessons ingrained in our minds and hearts. 

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