On Expectations!

What about expectations? Well, don’t have any! But how can we not have any expectations? It’s totally unrealistic, I know.

Everybody lives off expectations (I included), but we never fail to forget that the difference between reality and expectations is an inevitable disappointment. So why do we keep setting ourselves up for disappointment? 

The solution is easy, but acting upon it is difficult. 

We first must dissect reality before trying to deal with our expectations and disappointments.

Reality is two-fold; external, which we can’t control and internal, which we can control. So for us to avoid disappointment, we have to bring our expectations as close as possible to our reality. 

We can’t control our surroundings (e.g., friend’s behavior, spouse’s love, colleague’s cooperation, etc.). So by placing our expectations on them, we’re falling prey to unavoidable disappointment. 

We would ideally invest our expectations in realities that we can control (e.g., our health, growth, contribution, etc.). This way, disappointment is avoidable if, and only if, we push our reality to reach our expectations, and this is what we call an achievement.

It’s simple! Expectations placed on others lead to disappointment. Expectations placed on ourselves lead to achievement. 

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