On Direction!

Do we know exactly where we’re going with our lives? Are we even supposed to know? And if we are, how on earth can we know?

Nowadays, we read it, hear it, and see it everywhere that we have to know our purpose and the reason for living, our ’true north’. I was one of those that bombarded not only those around me but also myself with the idea of figuring out what my life purpose was. But the truth of the matter is that it’s just too much pressure. It’s truly overwhelming, and I discovered that it’s never constant!

In my entire life, I’ve never met someone who only had one life purpose for their whole life — someone who figured it all out. What usually happens is that they would start the journey thinking they would reach point A and little did they know that the road was divinely leading them to point B. Don’t get me wrong! Point B shouldn’t be too far away from point A. They can be close, but they’re certainly not going to be the same.

We spend plenty of time thinking, strategizing and assessing the different destinations at which our life can potentially arrive but little time trying to understand to which direction our next step should take us.

From experience, trying to solve the ‘life purpose’ puzzle is a paralyzing, time-wasting pursuit simply because the puzzle will forever have missing pieces. So instead, we should acknowledge where we are now, go deep within ourselves, access the inner compass, and answer one simple question, ’to which direction should I take my next step?’

Now take that step!  

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