Taking The Lazy First-step

For as long as I can remember my thinking-self, I have always created, thought of, planned variety of creations and projects. I have directed numerous movies, wrote many best-selling books, planned the outmost fun events, and started the next big start-up that will solve the issue of youth unemployment. And where did all of these wonderful creations of mine end-up? Tucked away in my short-term memory and left for my sleeping-dreams to execute.

Now really thinking about this as I put my thoughts down in words, I know why great minds were never discovered and great ideas never saw the light. What all of the above have in common, or lack in common, is “the first step”. Knowing myself, I always make plans but rarely take the first sep to turn them into reality, attributing it to laziness, the illusion of I-have-no-time, going out of my comfort zone, and merely the fear of starting and then defaulting.

So I decided to put my “oh I just came up with this theory, but it probably existed for hundreds of years” on first steps to test this summer. I started by outlining the root cause of avoiding the “first step” as follows: I am lazy, my mind is all over the place with cluttered ideas, what if I reach a dead end, and what if I fail following it with other steps to the finish line? Then I wrote down all of the things I want to achieve, no matter how wild; such as writing a novel “stay tuned dear reader”. I pledged 4 hours minimum in my week to experiment and toy with my ideas.

And now, finally, I have kickstarted a project that I have been thinking of for the past 3 years! Will it succeed? I don’t know. Will I remain excited and devoted? I don’t know. Will it make me Uber-rich by 30? I doubt it. But what I know for sure is that by taking this first step I have opened a door of possibilities and learning opportunities for myself.

I guess what I am trying to say by babbling up there is simple. We just have to take the first step. Because if we remain still, then we wouldn’t know what does the road have for us. We will keep wondering what-if and dreaming on. Write down all of your ideas, examine what excites you the most, pick one, write down all of your thoughts, and then see how things will go from there.

Just take the first step, and everything else will follow.

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