On Novelty!

Life is quite boring and mundane with all the imposed routines, unthinkable habits, and undesired obligations with which we surround ourselves every single day. We keep doing things until we forget why we’re doing them in the first place. We identify ourselves with ideas and thoughts not because of their merit but rather because it’s serving us somehow.

I like peanut butter and honey, then I’ll eat it for breakfast my entire life. “Want to try peanut butter with fig jam?” Someone asks, I immediately say without any thought, “No thanks. I’m okay with honey.” You prefer a beach trip over a snow trip and you and your friends just came from the Maldives so they suggest that your next trip should be to Finland and you say, “oh God no! You go without me!”

One silly example that deals with our breakfast choice and the other is a serious one that determines our annual vacation destination. Novelty exists on both sides of the spectrum. Yes, life can be boring and mundane, but only because we choose it to be so. 

Novelty can be experienced in every choice we make, especially in choices that we find ourselves making unconsciously.  Next time you get your daily coffee, try a new order. Next time you listen to music, change the genre. Next time you’re on the bus, instead of reading a book, get to know the person sitting next to you.  Life can be boring or novel, what do we want ours to be?

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