How Do We Find Our Calling?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”, is a question that each one of us gets asked while growing up. And we all remember how enthusiastically we used to answer with professions we thought were best for us from doctors to engineers to astronauts and pilots.

But as we became older and older, acquiring a specialization became a norm for us and somehow we all ended up settling for whatever came our way. Though for some fortunate people finding their niche wasn’t such a struggle because they always knew what they were meant to be. But others – they’re still stuck in that spiral mental debate of, ‘‘Is this finally it?’’.

Look around yourself and you’ll notice how everyone’s busy wandering and searching for their dreams. The real question is, why are we all unable to find our calling despite reading numerous self-help books and watching countless YouTube videos? I believe, the reason why most of us are still unsure of what we want to do with our lives is because we are constantly filled with doubts, and a lot of mental resistance.

Our primary problem is, we are looking for clarity before we are willing to act but more often, clarity comes through action. Hesitation is natural and fully rational, but action is not optional. Naming and claiming a dream is a popular trend these days, but what’s far less popular is the disciplined action of a craft. If you tell me, “I want to be an author” but haven’t written a word, then be skeptical. You may like the idea of being a writer, but you don’t understand the cost of your dreams, of putting yourself out there and risking failing it. We won’t know what we are or should be doing until we start doing it. Experience leads to competence and competence creates confidence. Everyone who has made history on earth took the path with a lot of resistance.

However, there’s one thing you can be sure of – you won’t find your dreams by standing still. Finding your calling won’t be easy, you will have to work at it, many times. You will fail, and experience setbacks and it’ll hurt – a lot, but it will be the good kind of hurt. Realize that there’s always a price. So, you either pay for your greatness, or pray for your mediocrity. The choice is yours. It’s not simple, but it’s yours to make.

John Burrogh once said, “Leap, and the net will appear.”

Daily Affirmation: I’m not afraid of the space between my dream and reality.

By: Bushra M. Yaqub


  1. Everyone believes that dreams never come true but they do. Only for those who set their minds on working for them. They don’t back down by the slightest of obstacles on the way. They don’t give up too easily. We all should have courage to find ourselves and our dreams to live a life worth living.
    I love this post, Bushra. Its simply AMAZING just like you. Love you, bestie!
    ~ via insta: midnight_blue19

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