On Perspective!

Things change. Circumstances change. Relationships change. Everything around us changes simply because the lenses from which we’re seeing them are changing. In other words, the sun doesn’t all of a sudden lose its shininess when we put our sunglasses on.

You see, we often put on way too many lenses that blur our vision (with biases, insecurities, prophecies, and fallacies) to the point that we no longer see things as they really are but as what we think they are. And that’s where the power of perspective lies.

It’s like chicken and egg, which comes first? Do we shape our perspective or does it shape us? The answer isn’t as complicated as the question though because perspective loses its power as soon as we stop trying to control it. And we stop controlling it when we keep it open, flexible, and malleable.

It’s not the what we see, hear, or experience is wrong in and of itself, it’s our desire for it to be wrong that’s making it seem or feel wrong.

A “black or white” perspective is prone to be blurry, but the one that finds itself journeying between the shades of grey is bound to find clarity.

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