On Promise!

Loose ends are tricky. We never know when it’ll all fall apart. We think we got everything under control until one end could bear no more so to give way to the other ends to follow suit and then we realize that it’s all gone like it never existed before.

And that’s where promise comes into play as it’s the gel that brings all ends in our lives together. It’s the common denominator on which all of our numerators rest. It’s the shelter that safely houses all of our expectations from being unmet. It’s a contract that doesn’t require lawyers, paper, initials, or signatures. The only thing that makes it binding is our word for it.

A promise comes in many forms and shapes but the most powerful of which is the one we make to ourselves for any promise we make to anyone, we’re actually making it to ourselves as a result. Simply put, we, in the absence of a self-promise, are a mere house of cards, any blow is bound to bring us down.

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