On Serendipity!

As we reflect back on our past, we fail but to see and remember those unplanned out-of-no-where moments that proved to be monumental in the making of the stories of our lives.

A story that would’ve never been the same if it weren’t for that casual chat with the person next to us on the bus that ended up being a spouse. Or that lost flight that forced us to bump into an old friend whom we haven’t seen for years that re-ignited an ever-lasting friendship that came just in time.

Serendipity is luck, but the intentional kind. It only appears to those who are looking for it. It may seem too good to be true but that’s the very reason why it’s true. It’s so unexpected to the point that it may happen before our eyes not once, not twice, but ten times without our notice.

It’s a random sign from God on our life road, it’s up to us to recognize what it’s saying and follow it or to simply continue riding with the delusion that we can find the way without the need for signs.

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