What Did My 29th Birthday Teach Me?

A year has flown by, just like the thought of flying from the gutter to the stars. A chapter of my life has ended, with its stories, joy and sorrows. A full cycle of changes has finished, with its warmth and breeze, through wind and tears. And on this day, as I’m sipping on my favorite iced latte, I’m reflecting on the impact that this 12 months cycle has left behind. I have no doubt that throughout the past year, life had given me whatever experiences were most useful to the evolution of my consciousness. This evaluation has yielded few lessons, that I’m briefly sharing in the following bullet points.

  • Time flies.
  • It’s all about the breadth and depth of the experiences that we go through in life.
  • Consumerism is a fatal disease that eats away our freedom and eagerness to “living”.
  • Finding a life partner is essential. Being in a relationship is overrated.
  • When you give up on your dreams, they’ll decay inside you and leave you to mediocrity.
  • You shall not be fearful or worry, God has got your back all the time.
  • If you ridicule the rules and take risks, life will show you its mysteries and reward you handsomely. If you play by the rules and snooze in your comfort zone, you’ll be tormented for eternity.
  • The right time will never come.
  • Happiness is a decision.
  • Money can’t buy happiness unless accumulating wealth is a goal by itself. Achieving goals is a form of happiness.
  • You grow what you focus on.
  • Life will talk to you, only if you listen.
  • You’re an open system, constantly influencing others by your experiences, and being influenced by theirs.
  • Thoughts are translated into actions. Actions lead to results. If you want good results, start with good thoughts.
  • Choose your battles wisely. Don’t expend your energy in unnecessary battles.
  • Every effort you make towards achieving your dreams shall be rewarded, regardless of the results.
  • The ultimate truth is nonexistent.
  • Rebirth is a recurring process. Life takes us through short cycles that end up with the rebirth of newer versions (better or worse) of ourselves.
  • Embracing minimalism is a safe harbor in a materialistic, growth-oriented society.
  • Every day is a new life.
  • Overemphasizing on the “why”, could be depriving of the blessings of “simple living”.
  • Arrogance is the mother of all evil.
  • Life has so many different faces. If one isn’t working out for you, seek exposure to a different one.
  • Always leave a good trace behind you.
  • Ask, and it shall be given to you.
  • Good coffee, good food, good conversations, wild adventures, giving out, laughing, and loving. Nothing more.

And today, as I’m turning 29 years old, and making my way to the 30’s, I’m opening my arms wide to a new cycle of experiences. I’m ready for further expansion in my awareness and additional growth in my consciousness.

Peace and Love.


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