On Being Ourselves!

We grew up bombarded with the idea that ‘being ourselves’ was the way to go. It’s true. It’s the way to go but we were never told how to keep going that way in spite of how lonely and scary it would make us feel.

It’s lonely because not so many of us choose to take it. It’s scary because we’re in it alone and all we can see is pairs of eyes gazing at us with diligence trying tirelessly to scare us out of it. Once we fight that loneliness and escape that fear, we’ll reach the castle of our ‘true being’.

What we must know is that not everyone is worthy of entering that castle and seeing who we truly are. Some people are meant to see only one side of who we are. Some people two. And some people more. But little to none are meant to see all our sides.

Your castle of ‘true being’ is yours to cherish. Choose your guests wisely for your ‘wholeness’ chamber must only be for the chosen one or two.

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