On Ambitions!

We’ll be beaten down. We’ll be opposed and fought against. We’ll be resisted. We’ll be humiliated. Whether we like it or not; we’ll face hurdles and obstacles that’ll do nothing but try to deter us from reaching the destination we’re meant to reach.

Life’s difficult. And that’s not being negative; it’s being realistic. What’s negative is when we expect it to be easy and end up with a difficult reality then complain about it. The strongest and most sustainable antidote to any humiliation or obstacle we face is our ambition.

It’s that compelling vivid vision to which we teleport ourselves whenever life circumstances bring us down. It’s that big slap in the face to wake us up from a nightmare just to realize that we’re actually living for a dream.

Circumstances and hurdles are inevitable, what’s still within our control is looking them in the eye and shouting our lungs out, “my ambition is …” to show them how small they are compared to how grandiose our ambitions are.

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