On Mistakes!

I want you to make mistakes. Yes, you heard it right! I want you to make mistakes.

I know making mistakes is inevitable, we will make mistakes whether we like it or not. But what is challenging is making mistakes without feeling guilt and worry. To accept yourself unconditionally, regardless of making them. Having this positive attitude toward yourself is not something you do after correcting your wronging, it is something you do in spite of it.

It takes a lot of practice to reach this level of comfort with making mistakes. A good place to start is to always know that a mistake is a decision/action that was taken based on the information available when the mistake happened. It is only a label we tend to give to a behavior at a later time when our awareness has changed.

So next time you make a mistake go back and remember your true motive, you will love yourself for making it. Not only that, you will be certain that if you go back a hundred times to that same place you will make the same mistake again and again and again.

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