On Life!

We take it so seriously. We think it’s going to last forever. We care about how long we live it rather than how much we live it. We live it complacently as though we’re never dying, which counterintuitively kills every bit of livelihood residing within us.

As paradoxical as this will sound, but life is death and death is life. Everything starts losing its intrinsic value as soon as it’s abundant and is in everybody’s hands; and we ought to not appreciate its value until we start losing it. Our estimated seventy-something years of life on earth represent an almost invisible fraction of humanity, so our life is ending. And it’s ending really soon!

But life isn’t only short, it’s bountiful, flexible, malleable, mutable, changeable, fixable, customizable, and, most important of all, restartable. Life is long enough for our story to be told, heard, and seen. And the best part is, none of the lives out there is like yours or mine.

Life is a story. it doesn’t matter how long it is or how it begins. What matters is what message it delivers and how it ends.

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