On Consistency!

I decided about two months ago to write every single day. No skipping. No slacking. No excuses.

I’ve done it religiously up until a certain point where my fingers simply failed me. They froze due to some subconscious commands from my brain. I open the laptop, crack my fingers, look at the screen with excitement for what’s about to be written, and do nothing for about 5-10 minutes until my subconscious succeeds at drifting my attention away to the silliest of things.

My past tells me that keeping up with establishing new daily habits is no easy battle to win. Our brains are wired to resist what’s new and unfamiliar, and they’ll do whatever it takes to take us back to our familiar world, and they usually do so.

I’ve come to make peace with inconsistency. I don’t have to be perfectly consistent to make things work. I can drop the ball once in a while. It’s not the end of the game. I’ve also come to realize that it’s not about being perfectly consistent that makes one successful; it’s about how we deal with setbacks, shortcomings, and inconsistencies that makes all the difference. Do we beat ourselves up for it and therefore stop bothering even to try to pick it back up? Or do we forgive ourselves for it and get back at it even stronger and more energized?

Consistency is essential to anybody’s success, but it’s also a dangerous double-edged sword that we must be careful when using it as a weapon.

We need to be consistent. However, we also need to be consistently forgiving ourselves every time we’re inconsistent.

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