What Video Games Taught Me About Life?

“Laila wrote this years ago but I liked it so much so I’m posting it.”

Ahaha I can’t believe I’m writing about this … Ok so, my childhood was revolved around video games. My cousins and I would spend ALLL DAYY glued to the TV screen playing, screaming, discussing which move to play next … I’m soooo nostalgic just talking about it; it brought us together and also drawn us apart sometimes ahahah.

Some humble lessons:

  • All protagonist characters have a CLEAR goal to reach
  • You have to eat to grow
  • The Life icon is a Heart and a heart in real life is an icon of love; through love, you’ll find life
  • Obstacles will always be in your way … And the hardesttttt obstacle is just before you reach your goal
  • Sometimes you need a friend to help you carry on your journey
  • Sometimes you’ll find something on your way that will give you so much energy that you will not only face your enemies you will DESTROY them however always always remember that this state is temporary
  • A person can be on your team this round, and against you the next.
  • You won’t have all you need at the beginning of the journey … You will pick them up on the way.
  • The more skills you have, the more endurance you will gain
  • It’s ok to cry when you lose
  • Always save or maintain where you’ve reached; you don’t want to start over or go back
  • There will always be one person who will always try to put you down until you reach your goal victoriously but nonetheless, they could come back again (hehe evil witch laugh)
  • Sometimes the most valuable things are the smallest …

Please share anything you learned about video games too.

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