On Obstacles!

They’re not real because they’re all in our heads. They’re fantastic and dramatic confabulations of our own making. We imagine them, script them, craft them, beilive them and then manifest them into our reality.

The thing that bothers the most is that our mind is so creative at coming up with all kinds of obstacles but its creativity falls short while coming up with solutions. We get stuck! We become confused! We’re simply paralyzed!

To bother us even more, our mind’s creativity all of a sudden reaches peak levels when trying to solve obstacles others are facing! Leaving us with only one antidote to our obstacles, dethronement.

Once we realize that ‘our’ obstacles are not really ours, we’ll deprive them from the very power they possess over our minds and only then our minds will roam free to find not only one or two but rather a million ways to overcome them.

Remember, obstacles are never ownable. But they’re always solvable.

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