On Intentions!

In this goal-oriented, task-focused, to-do-list-obsessed world, it’s almost impossible to remember the intentionality behind it all. We, more often than not, immediately jump into what needs to be done and how we should do it without entertaining the question of why we’re doing it in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong, knowing our goal and how to achieve it is of immense importance, but if we don’t know the reason behind it, we’re setting ourselves up for disappointment and failure. It’s exactly like traveling to a known destination without a single gas station on the road, we’re bound to run out of gas without reaching our destination.

Intention is the gel that brings all areas of ours lives together. It’s the difference between surviving in life and thriving in it. It’s the ultimate antidote to confusion and hesitation.

Intentions, goals, then roadmaps. Because doing the third without the second, we’re wasting mileage. And doing the second without the first, we’re wasting fuel.

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