On Fatherhood!

He’s the first love to his daughter. He’s the bread winner to his family. He’s the best friend to his sons. He’s the ‘hold’ in the word household. He’s the real super hero.

To some, he may also be the dream crusher. The nay-sayer. The road blocker. The almost-impossible-to-impress figure. The absent long-awaited visitor.

Whichever side we find our fathers at, we must realize that we wouldn’t have existed if it weren’t for them. We needed them to be sitting on that side for us to become who we are.

Fathers are playing a role in the movie of our lives and whether they’re being the protagonist or the villain, never forget that they’ll always be playing the role of a father.

If your father is a protagonist, be grateful. But if you find your father to be a villain, then the best weapon to ambush him with is… your unconditional love.

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