On Self-worth!

Isn’t it pitiful to see our self-worth trading in the hands of others just exactly like stocks in the marketplace? The value of oneself fluctuates up and down depending on what people think and say.

What most of us fail to understand is that our self-worth isn’t up for selling and buying! It isn’t a commodity on which we put a value and trade it accordingly.

Self-worth is fully and wholly handed to us from birth. It’s invaluable, untradable, and bountiful.

The reason why our self-worth is fluctuating is that we, ourselves, try to put a value on it by linking it to the value of the car we’re driving, the position we’re holding, and the size of the house in which we’re living.

Self-worth is, unlike the things we possess, timeless, ageless, and ever growing in value.


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