What’s My Ideal Self?

In the middle of the desert, looking at a magnificent sunset in Qasr Alsarab Desert Resort near Abu Dhabi, my lovely wife Laila looked at me and asked, “if you can be it, what would be your ideal self?” Such a wonderful question especially for someone who’s been trying relentlessly every single day of his life to reach perfection.

So I asked one of the amazing hospitable people who worked at the resort to hand me a pen and paper (I usually carry these two little gorgeous things wherever I go but the desert was too relaxing that it rid me from everything but my clothes). As the sun was saying its goodbyes for the day, I held my pen and pushed its tip on the paper unleashing the ink to give way to my ideal self into this not-so-ideal world:

My ideal self:

  • seeks no one’s approval
  • lives a reality in line with its priorities
  • acts out of love towards everything
  • always remembers the depth of the stories of others
  • constantly seeks to learn and grow
  • sees failure as a stepping stone to success
  • trusts that God is taking care of and guiding it
  • believes that it deserves all the beauty that comes its way
  • sees the positive in every situation
  • views problems as opportunities
  • enjoys the mundane and notices novelty within it
  • is always grateful for being blessed beyond its fondest dreams
  • knows that life is a physical manifestation of its thoughts and so it chooses to only think wonderful thoughts to live a wonderful life
  • lets go of any kind of expectation
  • doesn’t worry about the future or dwell on the past yet only lives the now
  • gives without seeking reciprocity and loves with no conditions
  • realizes that life is just long enough for its dream to come true

You just met my ideal self, can I have the honor to meet yours?


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