Will You Forgive Me?

It’s the beginning of the year, already. We’ve said our goodbyes to last year but I didn’t realize that I needed more than that, I needed closure. On December 30th, Ghada, one of my amazing friends, shared this wonderful booklet titled The Year Ahead. It prompted me to do something that I rarely-to-never do it with myself due to my high-achieving nature, that is self-forgiveness. So here I go:

I forgive myself for not knowing its worth and appreciating how amazing it is because it’s simply God’s creation. I forgive myself for not speaking up its feelings and thoughts truthfully just to please others. I forgive myself for waiting for things to be perfect and not just doing them to the best of its capacity. I forgive myself for seeking its worth in other people’s eyes and always trying to win their approval.

I forgive myself for doubting its talent and potential that can make its dreams a reality. I forgive myself for always rushing to know everything now without being patient. I forgive myself for trying to control everything and never dropping the oars and just go with the flow. I forgive myself for staying quiet when it had to speak up and speaking up when it had to stay quiet. I forgive myself for all the times it didn’t walk its talk. I forgive myself for not listening attentively and always seek to be understood before understanding.

I love myself with all its imperfections.

Will you forgive yourself?

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