Dear 2018, Are You Ready?

I absolutely loved 2017. I enjoyed every singe bit of it. I always give each of my years one phrase to describe it before it begins, and I called 2017 the year of Leap and indeed it was. I re-discovered myself, I knew exactly what I wanted to be in this world. I knew my strengths, what I was really great at, and the things I enjoyed doing the most. I can now dream with clarity and aspire with confidence. I am certain of my role on earth and I see it as a source of pride and pleasure.

In 2017, I started feeling my self-worth and deeply sensing the un-egoic love I carry for myself. I accept it with happiness and cherish it with joy. I have faith in it; how dare I Leap without faith anyway? I’ve traveled continents, read life-changing books, written thousands of words, volunteered abroad, gained new amazing friendships, given inspirational speeches to the public, touched people’s lives, failed at things and succeeded at others. I look back with one thing in mind, gratitude.

Oh my beloved 2017, I know your 365 days won’t ever come back, but I also know that I’ve lived them without any single regret. Now to you my beloved 2018, I welcome you with excitement. I look forward to all the experiences, journeys, and adventures you and I will be witnessing together. I can’t wait to live your days to their fullest. So please allow me to call you the year of Keep At It.

Sultan, I want you to know that you’re amazing. You’re fabulous. You deserve all the beauty that comes your way. Just keep at what you’re doing right now. Keep pushing yourself and the outcome will take care of itself. Keep reminding yourself of who you are, what you stand for, and why you came into existence in the first place.

Back to you dear 2018, you’ll see me shine and glow like a superstar. You’ll be the year when my words touch the globe, my thoughts inspire leaders, my creativity pushes minds to the edge, and my journeys change me forever. In you, dear 2018, I want to enjoy the moment and never sell my thoughts to the past or the future. I want to let go of perfectionism and know that done is always better than perfect. I want to let go of control and master the art of surrender with complete faith in God’s plan.

Hello 2018!

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