What Did Oprah Teach Me?

Like any other human (and most probably animal), I admire what Oprah’s doing in the world and how she’s contributing in all ways, shapes, and forms. She’s a living proof of how powerful our hearts can be in the face of challenges and difficulties. She also proved that listening to our hearts is the cornerstone of realizing our dreams and actualizing our potential and not as bad as many people make it seem to be.

So without further adieu, I leave you with three things I learned from Oprah:

  • The only person I’m competing with in life is myself… How can I be better today than yesterday and tomorrow than today because competition is an illusion that only brings down those who believe it exists? Each one of us is living in their own timezone and comparing ourselves to others would get us nowhere but lost.
  • Being demoted/fired, despite that it made her feel sad and horrible at the time, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to her now that she’s famous and successful. Had she been promoted, she’d never been able to have her chance in Chicago where she had more power and autonomy to be herself on TV. That’s why she became who she is today. You can call it a catastrophe today, but it’ll unquestionably be a blessing sometime tomorrow. Just wait for it faithfully.
  • “How was I? How did it go?” These are the questions asked by every single guest in the Oprah Show from Beyonce all the way to Obama. Those people are world famous, yet still, they are insecure about themselves and ask about how they appeared. Oprah said after 25 years of hosting and conducting thousands of interviews; she attributes her success to the fact that she understood that all humans no matter how successful or failing, they equally need to be seen, heard and recognized. Seeking to understand before being understood is the key to people’s hearts and once we tap into that part of them, love will be the language we speak and the root of all our intentions. Only then, the abundance of the universe will flow our way.

I promise you Oprah, I will better myself everyday, wait faithfully, and seek to understand before being understood.

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