Why Can’t Everyday Be A Weekend?

I’m so tired of dreading my mornings to work. I feel like I wasn’t born to live my life in a 9 to 5 job so I’ve been watching many videos about others who’ve been through what I’m currently going through. I honestly don’t like to be bossed around; I just feel like I was brought to life to be a free bird that flies on its own terms without taking any permission to flap its wings. I know I’m not supposed to be working in an office within a corporate world because I’ve been through it before. I used to work in one of the largest corporations in the world and it took me about 12 months to know that I was being asked to swim while being a bird and thus had to quit.

One book that I came across through my research was Born For This. To simplify the book in one sentence:

The work we’re meant to do in our life is any common answer for the following three questions: 1) what makes us happy? 2) what are we good at? 3) what pays the bills?

I read the book and I took it seriously. I still haven’t applied everything it says but me writing this blog is just one of its applications. After finishing the exercise that took about 80 minutes with complete solitude, I realized that I was born to be a writer, speaker, and an entrepreneur. The results really made sense and they suited me pretty well.

One thing I know for sure is that I’m going through my quarter-life crisis, but another thing I know for sure is that I’m refusing to settle. The thing with crises is that when we embrace them, they turn into transformational experiences but the catch here is patience. Walking into a crisis without patience by our side is a sure way of getting lost and never finding our way out again.

I have faith that my life will turn out to be more than what I hoped it’d be and I believe that I, as each one of us, am surrounded with golden opportunities and that I’m blessed beyond my fondest dreams. And so I’ll be patient for the best part of my life is yet to come.

What I know so far is that my weekdays don’t feel the same as my weekends and I’m not going to settle until I wake up everyday feeling like it’s a Friday, and I’ll do it before turning 30.


  1. الحياة نخوضها لمره واحده، ، ونحن من نقرر من نكون نحتاج لمعرفة العمل الذي يسعدنا ويرضينا داخلياً بسن مبكره حتى لانكون من ضمن صفوف النادمين على مامضى،كلامك يبعث الأمل في نفسي دوماً👍🏻

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    1. فعلاً، الحياة أقصر بكثير مما نتخيل وأعجب من ذلك الذي يقول “سأفعل كذا وكذا لاحقاً لكن الآن علي أن أتحمل”. الحياة يجب أن نعيشها اليوم بكل تفاصيلها الجميلة وعلينا أن نخلق بيئة تسعدنا في أذهاننا وإن لم تكن البيئة الخارجية سبباً في سعادتنا لأن السعادة تكمن في دواخلنا. شكراً من القلب على كلماتك 🙏


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