Why Am I a Perfectionist?

I can only start things when I’m sure they’ll turn out to be perfect. In other words, it’s either perfect or nothing at all. But that’s not helping me maximize my growth and reach my highest potential. It’s not helping me get to places I can easily reach if I just do it without worrying about doing it perfectly. You see, they say, “done is better than perfect.” And I couldn’t agree more… because I’m facing that with my daily life. Getting things done (not necessarily perfectly) boosts our energy to do more and achieve more which as a result makes us better at what we do which brings us closer to mastery and perfection.

I always overestimate how much time, effort and energy a task requires… why? Because I’m a perfectionist! I just realized that being a perfectionist is the very thing that’s pushing me farther from being anywhere near perfect. I should simply get started with my head focused on the present moment and nothing else. I should trust that if I take care of my thoughts and emotions, time will take care of everything else.

Perfectionism hasn’t ever been helpful and was never the answer to me, actually it’s always been a stop sign on a highway… it just doesn’t make any sense. So I decided here and now to take the highway to my success without stopping for being perfect, not even for a split second.


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