Dear God

Dear God,

I completely believe in you. I can feel you here with me. I know you are looking at me with your mighty eyes. In a way, I have had the honor and pleasure to meet you yet I have not met you. I cannot explain it but the beauty is that you totally understand what I mean. I met you through all the blessings around me; my beautiful face is just a mere reflection of your beauty. After all, I am a physical manifestation of your majestic creation. My words are pouring out of my heart trying to escape the confinement of my body to your limitless unfathomable bounty.

Thank you for allowing, supporting, and enabling my humble self to achieve what it has achieved in its lifetime so far. I absolutely would have never been able to do it without you. You have been with me all along; every step I took, every turn I made, every mountain I climbed, literally every mile of the way. Thank you for choosing me to be who I turned out to be; someone who sees you as his ultimate strength, someone who puts his family first, someone who wants to change to the better, someone who is eager to learn and grow.

You know I have not been always my best self through my years here on earth, but you still chose to pamper me with your love, mercy, and grace. You still opted to see the good in me hoping that it would win the war against the bad eventually (I promise you that I will never give up until we win). I do not know how many chapters my life will carry, but what I know is that you will be authoring it; for me, I will enjoy reading it one page at a time.

If there is one thing I would like to kindly ask you for, it would be to make my story a legacy for anyone seeking to infuse humanity with positivity one human at a time.


Sultan M AlMusallam

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