How to Be More Grateful?

Twenty one days ago, I started this habit of typing down three blessings a day before I go to sleep and let me tell you, it made such a huge difference. It’s that kind of a difference that changed the way I looked at things, even the simplest silliest ones. My list went from “having a fridge full of food and drinks I love” all the way to “being able to wear a red pair of socks and still pull it off and look awesome (although Laila begs to differ)”. I always read about how amazing it is to develop such a habit in our day but I never realized or imagined how powerful it could be; it just transformed my eyes into a microscope that detects positivity wherever and whenever.

Habits usually take fourteen to twenty one days to form, and science suggests that habits-cycle starts with habits dictating our thoughts and the latter dictates our beliefs and thus actions are formed again as habits. What interests me here is the “habits dictate thoughts” part and hence the title. So by summoning our memory at the end of each day and jotting down three things that either draw a smile on our face, make us feel great, or elevate our mood in some way and form will make our brains witness fireworks of happy thoughts right before we sleep. These happy thoughts fireworks result in positive beliefs that paint the most pleasant image in our heads that in turn make us act positively towards life with a deep sense of gratitude.

The best part is that by making my thinking process focus on the positive, my brain cells started repelling any negative memory even if I had lived a bad day. I guess there is a reason why changing only one letter is enough to turn thinking into thanking, because it is that easy and simple. I started thinking about why I should be grateful today and I ended up soaked in the deep waters of gratitude and those waters are invitingly warm yet refreshingly cool.


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