Will You Take Me With You?

I was visiting V&A museum in London with my amazing wife and two lovely sisters and while we were roaming around, I stumbled upon a painting of a man named Smith grasping on a hind of a stag. Below the painting, there was a little cute desk with pens and a blank piece paper waiting for a pair of hands to join them. And since my hands are addicted to that perfect duo, they dragged me into it forcefully without hesitation until I found myself leaving my family behind and sitting on that stool with the paining before my eye.

V&A wanted guests to express in a short passage what they see in that painting and here was what I wrote:

Looking out the window every night mesmerized by the beauty of the stars, Smith, an 8-year-old kid, couldn’t help but be attached to the abundance of the skies. night after night, that attachment grew even more until it became his identity. He wakes up in the morning to seethe sun light fighting its way through the curtains like little needles trying to remind him, rather gently, of the abundance with which he slept last night.

he grows up, however, in a world where reality, unfortunately, does not meet expectations and thus he is disappointed. he sees everyone fighting for a piece of the pie sacrificing every bit of abundance in life and forgoing it to be trapped in scarcity; more land, more power, and more everything. and so he walks back to his little room with his head down and shoulders low trying to search for his identity in the same place where he was first introduced to it – that little window.

He spots a mother stag searching to feed her babies to no avail. She never gives up until another strange stag comes along and hands it what she has been longing for. Smith’s identity of abundance, yet again, comes back to him through the action of those stags as the skies have done to him before. Then he realizes that abundance resides in the hands of nature. He runs to the stag, therefore, grasping its hind legs and screaming, “take me with you!”

The end.

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