Why Do We Compare? 

Usually when we finish doing something, the first thing that comes to our minds is “how is it, compared to others?” And the answer is, at least most of the time, leaning to making others better than us which in turn reflects negatively on our self esteem and steals away the joy of achievement. Sometimes we take it too far to the point that it’s not only sabotaging our achievements but also our peace of mind. Seriously! Comparing is not fun at all when all we do is benchmark ourselves with what others do and think. I’ve seen very successful people (in my humble opinion) that don’t believe they are, simply because what is success to society doesn’t match their achievements. 

It’s all about our paradigm of thinking; because if we think that people’s perceptions are the window by which we see our worth, then we’re in deep trouble. The window we look into shouldn’t be people; it should be our past selves. Let’s compare ourselves with ourselves; let’s just not get past that. We want to live every single day being better than what we were yesterday. Simple as that! 

We spend so much time trying to figure out how we rank in others’ heads but we haven’t taken the time and courage to know how we rank in our own heads. Knowing oneself worth is the cornerstone of one’s being; so it is worth your lifetime to know your worth. 

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