Who Do I Think I am?

I’ve always wanted to leave something behind that represents who I am just so I can look back and see how I’ve been living my life. One of those moments that I desperately want to document and would love to see later is the video titled The Art of Being Yourself. It touched my heart so deeply and left a mark on my personality that will surely endure the test of time. 

So long story short, if there’s anything that I would reemphasize about this talk is that I want to be a perception-free person because being perception-less is not feasible. My ego, like everybody’s ego, is always going to be there and is not going anywhere; but the trick is how I can use it for my rather than against me. Last but not least, my life is my message; every single day I live and every single choice I make is inking the message that I’m leaving behind and I want to make sure that I do myself proud when I take my last breath. 

I’m not the center of the universe and it feels so good to realize that. 

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