What Am I Doing Here?

One Stanford University study states that we have on average 80,000 thoughts a day; yeah! You read that right. So one of the most persistent and dangerously annoying thoughts that comes across my mind every single day is my calling. Why do I live? So I wanted to go to google and just type in that question hoping to find a fulfilling answer that will quiet my hunger for good. But unfortunately, there was nothing but desperate tries and one-size-fits-all kind of answers.

There’s one piece that really stood up that gave me a framework to use whenever that question popped into my head and ironically enough, I’ve been reading that piece since I was a 8 years old but I never thought I would find the answer there until my wife shocked me. So my wife and I decided to go on a vacation with a mission of bathing our souls (instead of our bodies). And we also decided not to have access to our phones or any form of communication with the outer world and so we did.

While we were there, we read a group of verses in Quran that provided us with a calming answer to that nagging question in our heads and it translates to the following:

By the night when it covers and by the day when it appears and by He who created the male and female, indeed, your efforts are diverse. As for he who gives and fears God and believes in the best reward, we will ease him toward ease.

So after discussing this with my fabulous and brilliant wife, Laila, we came up with an equation that will surely silence that nagging question in your head and put you to ease as it did to us. Always give your best and stop complaining about the circumstances you’re in and be righteous no matter how difficult it is for your fear from God and not fellow humans is your guidance. Then you will reach that state of ease where you will be handed the reason of your calling without desperately looking for it.

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