Why Always Me?

Sunk in trouble and barely breathing waiting for the longevity of my breath to fail me so I can leave this life once and for all. My feet are tied with problems that are dragging me down yet my eyes are glancing at that light of hope penetrating the water. I am trying hopelessly to reach out for it but it seems that I am not moving anywhere, I’m stuck.

It’s getting darker and warmer and death is around the corner; I can feel it breathing on my neck. I see a hand; hope comes back, but it’s a hand of another sinking body. I look down and I see double the size of my burden tied to this body’s feet. That moment, my burden suddenly felt lighter so I swim up; light keeps widening in my eyes and that is when I realized that my life is worth pushing for.

It always seems that things just simply don’t want to work for us and that we have a love story with trouble that will last forever. Our effort doesn’t pay off and is never appreciated; we have been here for so long and we still didn’t even take a sip of success. And we never cease to ask ourselves that famous self-oriented question “why always me?” You know what? I can go on and on listing potential problems you and I can face on a daily basis and they can accumulate to dozens, but why would I ever bother?

Let us just look around to immediately realize how blessed we are. Observing the trouble others go through is a great way for us to carry on with our trouble. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should celebrate others’ misery. What I am saying is that appreciating what is given to us and lending a helping hand for those in need is key to overcome our misery. And we should always remember while we are sunk in that ocean of trouble what a wise person once said “it is always darkest just before the dawn.”

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