Are You There?

I was watching The Intern two days ago with my wife and it was an incredible movie in my very humble opinion. I’m not a movies person and am very easy to impress when it comes down to TV. I’m still hungover from it and can’t stop thinking about one thing only, that is the fact that being here doesn’t necessarily mean being present. In other words, walking on a trail doesn’t mean you’re leaving your footprint on it. Ben, the main character in the movie, was the center of my attention throughout the whole movie. I really don’t intend to spoil the movie for you but I’ll just share my takeaway from it as I’m trying to learn one lesson every single day as I mentioned in one of my posts here.

In his international bestseller 7 habits, Steven Covey, emphasized over the major rule of change which states that for you to influence others and leave your mark wherever you go, you must welcome the possibility of being influenced. Ben was just a gentlemen who lowered his guards for those around him and offered his help whenever possible; he was an attentive listener who welcomed change. Yet it was obvious that he had a clear set of principles that could never be shaken whatsoever. In other words, he had his own brand and everybody knew exactly what he is and more importantly what he is not.

You know, more often that I can count, words have failed me. In rare occasions when I think back and say “oh yeah I’m so glad I said that”. All those years, I’ve been trying again and again to scream my head off just so people could notice me but what I didn’t realize was that I was basically playing a play without an audience. Staying quiet doesn’t mean lack of knowledge, it just means that I don’t have a valuable thing to add; choosing when to speak and what to say makes you a person that will never be ignored the moment your tongue starts moving.

Words vs. humans is a never-ending battle and silence is our best bet to win it. I know I’m being all over the place now but the bottom line here is that we have to listen more than we talk, seek to understand before being understood, and welcome change before pushing it to others. And that is when we will get there.

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