Who Will I Be?

A few weeks ago, I was writing myself a letter adressed to 50-year-old me; I know what you’re thinking “what’s wrong with this crazy man?” Well if that’s what it takes to be crazy then sue me. I always wondered who would I be when I grow up and I am a firm believer that every person has a brand. It’s just like when you read or hear the word Nike, you immediately remember just do it and many other commercial brands that planted their missions into our heads. That’s exactly how you, him, her and I work. We all have brands that we need to take care of every single day of our lives.

It all needs to begin from the end. You are at a funeral, people happen to be crying over their loss and talking about him/her; that person is you. Now what do you want to them to say about you and how  do you want to be remembered? That’s exactly the question that you need to be asking yourself now, tomorrow, and everyday until you find an answer. I’m a quarter of a century old (God I feel so old when I phrase it that way) and I look back to all of those years and I can see very clearly how people would remember me. I know exactly how my actions, habits, achievements, failures, smiles and tears created that brand that will pop up into people’s heads as soon as they hear my name.

We usually undermine the power of the daily decisions we take and the choices we make but it’s definite that your future is just a mere reflection of your past unless you want to stop for a while and ask yourself that question and think very deeply and seriously about it, will the legacy I’m leaving behind be the one that I want to live for today? Life is not meant to be wasted on knowing who you are because it’s more worthwhile to know who you are not.

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