What Have I Done?

As an ever growing person, living a day must be a chance for me to learn something new, venture into a new experience and have a new feeling! In other words, embrace myself with the new day God has given me. So I was sitting with my wife, Laila, and my sisters, Monira and Sara, and I asked them a question that caught them off guard “what did you learn today?”

Seriously, why don’t we ask ourselves at the end of every single day about the lesson we learned that day? Think about all the encounters we had yesterday, we are having now, and will have tomorrow! They’re countless! Now think about the lessons you’ll get from each encounter; you’ll surely be wise enough to stand out in a crowd and become the go-to person in any place you go to. Lessons aren’t supposed to be death-life type of thing, they can be as silly as seeing a kid having the time of his life with a random ball he saw in the playground that sparked a moment of inspiration in your head. That spark led to a decision that transformed the way you think about your surroundings; that joy doesn’t reside in objects, joy always comes from within.

A wise man once said, our reality is just a mirror of our thoughts. So tomorrow’s reality is today’s thoughts; but what we have to know is that thoughts don’t come by themselves, they actually require some thinking and contemplating and that definitely requires some reflection that we need to do about our days. Reflect about today to live a better tomorrow.

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