What’s in It for Me?

What’s the center of the universe? I might rightfully think it’s me, you also reserve the right to think it’s you. But can the universe have more than one center, I believe it can’t. So what is its center? Here’s the thing, I don’t know you but I’m sure we have at least one thing in common and that is self-centeredness. You may be better than me at hiding it, but guess what? You can never kill it.

As a kid, I wanted the bigger pie even if that meant my siblings wouldn’t have any; I grew older, I fought for the promotion even if that meant destroying all of my teammates; I will grow even older, I will be on the verge of dying and all I think about are those who hurt or rejected me. The universe doesn’t revolve around you or me, it revolves around us. I have never heard of a love story with only one heart; it has to be you and them.

You know Narcisse? The symbol of self-centeredness; he wasn’t in love with himself, he was in love with the lake because it showed him his beauty. You see? You can’t be the center of the universe without me and neither can I. So whenever we dive into a new journey, let’s ask ourselves “what’s in it for the both of us?” instead of going with our natural question “what’s in it for me?”

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