Where To Invest?

Price to earnings, revenue, net income, and cash flow; that’s all I think about when I hop into any investment idea that crosses my mind. I want to get rich, and get rich fast! Let’s be honest here, I’m not the only one that has this burning desire to become wealthy as this is everybody’s dream, at least everybody I know. It’s not about being greedy, it’s just how we were programmed in a way that money was the definitive factor of success. You have money, you’re successful; you don’t have money, you’re a failure. But is it really money what is creating self-worth? Am I having this burning desire for wealth just to kill that insecurity I have about self-worth? 

Can I become successful and have influence on others without knowing my self-worth? Why do I need to know who I am? I guess I’ve been looking at the wrong factor all along; it’s not about how much money I make or how many investments do I have! The whole paradigm of thinking that links money to investment or investment to money is not totally accurate. I learned recently, after interacting with people for my whole life that exceeds 25 years now, that the most important yet most neglected investment is my time. The most valuable asset a person can ever own is oneself and once it has the proper care and attention, the return is endless and the profit is uncanny. 

My time is my worth; and it should be invested wisely and intently. Clock is ticking and life is too short to be wasted; so I should be investing in things that will only add to my self-worth. Investing in things that will make me unforgettable and a milestone in the life of everybody I meet. And the most successful investor is the one who sees the value of time higher than the value of money; so where do you think you should invest next? 

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