Aren’t We So Different?

As I was reading today, I just realized that the first question I asked my lovely wife, Laila, when I first fell in love with her was “aren’t we so alike?” implying that it was the main reason why we should be each other’s soul mate. Hmm, isn’t that the most common thing among lovers? We are very much soaked with the similarities we share with the people surrounding us. We prefer this friend over the other because they listen to the same genre, we favorite this sibling more than the others because they play the same sport, we fall in love with that partner particularly because they live in the same comfort zone as ours! And the list goes on…!

Human nature tells me that there are myriad of differences between a man and a woman. Obvious ones are body and facial features; however, all those differences are called physical differences and they are the reason why men are attracted to women and vice versa. But it’s astonishing how we completely neglect the other types of differences and never embrace them as much as we embrace the physical ones. What about our social, mental, intellectual, and psychological differences? Why do we always complain about them and not have any tolerance for them? Why don’t we look at our mental and social differences as stepping stones for a synergistic life for all of us? Can’t we also get attracted to social and mental differences that others may have? 

For me to live longer, happier, and healthier; I must always look for new experiences, seek new opportunities, and explore new options. Creativity is where change is. I will never be able to tap into a new experience so long as I’m surrounded by copies of me, yes people, and comfort zones. Maturity, as Stephen Covey defines it, is a balance of consideration and courage; and for me to build mature love, friendships and business relationships, I shall consider your differences and be courageous enough to embrace them and be open-minded enough and vulnerable enough to be moved by how different you are. 

“Hey my love, Laila, aren’t we so different?”

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