What’s Up With Materialism?

A very common question that truly needs to be answered. But before that, I must always remember that I can never be possessions-centered or be a materialist. Life is much more important than sitting in the first class lounge or riding a Mercedes S-class. I have to be honest when most people can’t even spill it out, I always judge myself and others based on how much we possess! We always consider ourselves as valuable when we possess things of a value as though our value stems from the value of the things we own and not the things we do! One is not about what he has but what he does. 

Why do I always care about owning a luxurious car, having a first class seat, traveling to Rome, living in a palace, or being served by countless assistants? Why is it so important to the point that my mind would blow because of worry? Can’t I just be happy with what I have and start thinking about what I can do? Influence is compassion, it’s hearted; it’s anything but an object! You can’t touch influence in dollar bills, nor can you feel it in a gift for an agenda in mind. Influence resides in a warm smile, genuine care, lent helping hand, and sympathy. 

Everybody knows and reads about business economics and sees how lots of enterprises fiercely and ruthlessly fight each other to plant and water possession-centeredness in our brains. But there’s a much more important economy that’s getting horribly affected without realizing its significant potential consequences; it’s people economics.

In business, we deal with money! With people, nonetheless, we deal with trust. The more we care about possessions, the more deteriorated trust gets! We always talk about crises and recessions, peaks and dips, profit and loss; but we never talk about who’s scripting the show, running it, and more importantly living it – that is people. As we care about our possessions more than our actions, people economics will forever be witnessing a crisis with no clear hope for a recession. So really, why do I care?

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